Summer Day Camps

Summer Day Camps

Marinwood’s award-winning traditional summer camps offer something for everyone! Campers will spend their days making friends with fellow campers and our amazing counselors, swimming and playing games. Each week is unique as activities are based on a weekly theme! All our camps also feature low camper/staff ratios!

Monday-Friday, 9:00-3:00pm Camps

Session 1: 6/14-6/25
Session 2: 6/28-7/9 (No Camp 7/5)
Session 3: 7/12-7/23
Session 4: 7/26-8/6
Session 5: 8/9-8/13

Camp Fees:
Session 1,2,4: $520, Session 2: $468, Session 5: $260
Session 1,2,4: $610, Session 2: $549, Session 5: $305

Camps: Ages 3-Kindergarten

Camp Pine Cone (Ages 3-4)

Camp Miwok (Ages 4-5, Pre-K and Transitional K)

Camp Willow (Entering K) 

Camp Buckeye (Entering K)

Camp Bumblebee (Entering K-1st)

Camps: Ages 1st-3rd Grade

Camp Acorn (Entering 1st Grade)

Camp Arrowhead (Entering 2nd Grade)

Camp Firefly (1-3rd Grade, girls camp)

Camp Bobcat (1-3rd Grade, boys camp)

Camp Red Fox (Entering 3rd Grade)

Camps: Ages 4th-7th Grade

Camp Sequoia (Entering 4-5th Grade)

Camp Marinwood (Entering 6-7th Grade)

Camp Wildflower (4-6th Grade, girls camp)

Camp Coyote (4-6th Grade, boys camp)

Camp Themes

Space is the Place (6/14-6/18)
5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF! This week we will be taking Camp Marinwood to space! We will see planets, asteroids, stars, and maybe even aliens! Campers will be exploring elements of space through crafts like moon sand and galaxy jars and new games like Alien Tag and Man from Mars! Buckle up campers, it may be a bumpy ride!

Where the Wild Things Are (6/21-6/25)
Campers aren’t the only wild things at Marinwood; get ready to venture into the outdoors this week to discover a world filled with friendly creatures and fascinating flora! We will get to explore the wilds of Marinwood and try to identify the wildlife around us. Campers can try their hand at gardening, spotting fish in the Creek, or even hiking in the hills. Dust off your hiking boots and get ready for some epic outdoor adventures all week long.

Happy Independence Day America! (6/28-7/2)
It’s that time of the year to grab your red, white, and blue! Campers will get a chance to take part in celebratory activities and crafts like painting fireworks and making Uncle Sam hats! Can you beat the counselors in a potato sack race or tug of war? Layer on the sunscreen this week for tons of fun water activities! This is a week you will not want to miss.

The Marinwood Olympics (7/6-7/9)
Ready...Set...Go! No one know what’s going to happen in Tokyo, but the Olympics are coming to Marinwood! Get ready to bring the heat and compete in a variety of challenges from sports to trivia to obstacle courses. Campers can choose their country, real or imagined, to represent and try to take home medals for events like “Biggest Splash”, “Most Flexible” or the staff favorite “Best Trash Picker-Upper”.

Far Out Fantasy (7/12-7/16)
There is magic in the air as magicians, wizards, goblins, and house elves flock to camp. Epic quests this week take place from crossing the troll bridge, hunting for fairies or Pokémon or destroying a ring. The camp counselors can’t wait to demonstrate the correct wand work for the levitation charm Wingardium Leviohhhsa! This week is all about legendary adventures brought to life.

Island Adventure (7/19-7/23)
Ahoy, Matey! Get ready to dive into this week and make memories that will last forever! We are looking for new mermaids and swashbucklers to join our crew. Campers will go on treasure hunts, have cannonball contests in the pool and maybe learn to hula dance. We are celebrating all things tropical this week. Every camper will be happy as a clam all week long!

Game Show Mania (7/26-7/30)
Are you smarter than a Camp Counselor? We love playing games at camp and this week we are bringing those games to life! Campers will participate in game shows brought to life, from “Minute-to-Win It” to “Camper Feud” as well as getting to play with larger-than-life-sized board games! From Lego team building challenges to improv, we are crossing the board with activities.

Drama Rama (8/2-8/6)
It’s call time! Grab your costume and props as we head into Drama Rama Week! This week is filled with accents, silly costumes, and crazy skits! We will enter a world of improv games galore, inventing characters and stories on the spot and acting them out. Each camp will participate in their own talent show at the end of the week!

Creative Camper (8/9-8/13)
Paint! Chalk! Pipe cleaners! We have it all! Get ready for a week filled with new art projects and adventures! Campers will get in touch with their creative (and messy) side with many arts and crafts from finger-paint projects to building robots at a creation station. Get ready to design, construct and organize a week of new creations!

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CIT Program for ages 13-14

Our Staff

Marinwood’s staff are highly-trained, energetic and motivated! Our goal is to provide your camper with the best summer experience possible in a fun and safe environment. Many of our staff members were once campers at Marinwood themselves! Every staff member is certified in CPR and First Aid for the Professional Rescuer by the American Red Cross and all staff members have been fingerprinted and undergone a background check. 

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