Youth Tennis Classes

Youth Tennis Classes

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Junior League: Ages 9-14 (4th-8th grades)

This is an  introduction to competitive tennis including practices and matches. Players MUST get permission from Coach Jerry before enrolling. Players must know how to play the game. For questions, call Jerry at 707-235-0973. Parents are responsible for getting players to "away" matches and providing snacks and drinks for "home" matches. League matches are held on Fridays at various locations in Marin from 4:00-6:00pm. 

Session: 3/25-4/19, $304/ 12 classes 
Session: 4/30-5/23, $304/ 12 classes 

Junior League Spring 2024 Schedule: 
Friday, March 15: Canon A @ Marinwood A and Marinwood B @ Canon B 
Friday, March 22: Canon B @ Marinwood A and Marinwood B - BYE
Friday, March 29: Marinwood A @ Marinwood B 
Friday, April 5: Canon B @ Marinwood B and Marinwood A @ San Domenico 
Friday, April 19: Marinwood B @ Canon A and Marinwood A - BYE
Friday, April 26: Marinwood A @ Canon A and San Domenico @ Marinwood B
Friday, May 3: Marinwood B @ Marinwood A 
Friday, May 10: Marinwood A @ Marinwood B (Championship) 

Tennis - Youth Swingers:  (5-7 yrs)

These little swingers learn the fundamentals of tennis. The basic strokes and court sense will be introduced through fun drills and games. Location:  Marinwood Courts. Instructor: Jerry Mehciz.

Session: 3/26-4/18, $108/ 8 classes 
Session: 4/30-5/23, $108/ 8 classes 

Tennis - Youth Beginner:  (8-14yrs)

Tennis is a game, so let's have fun learning forehands, backhands, volleys, smashes, and serving in an exciting, progressive program. Location:  Marinwood Courts. Instructor:  Jerry Mehciz.

Session: 3/26-4/18, $148/ 8 classes 
Session: 4/30-5/23, $148/ 8 classes

Tennis - Youth Intermediate/Advanced: (8-14yrs)

Consistency, accuracy, and power will be emphasized through fun drills and match play. Location:  Marinwood Courts. Instructor:  Jerry Mehciz.

Session: 3/26-4/18, $148/ 8 classes 
Session: 4/30-5/23, $148/ 8 classes

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Cancellation policy: Cancellation fee: $10.00. All cancellations must be provided in writing and emailed to We will not process refunds over the phone. Cancellation requests must be submitted before the session/program begins. 

To inquire about Private Lessons, please contact Jerry Mehciz at (707) 235-0973. Fee: $80/hour, $45/ 1/2 hour.