Rent the Group Picnic or Parkside Picnic Area

  • Marinwood Pool

Rent the Group Picnic or Parkside Picnic Area

Perfect for the next family gathering or child's party, Marinwood offers two Group Picnic Areas located in Marinwood Park.

Please call the Community Center before submitting application to confirm date/time availability. Drop off applications at the Community Center, fax in or email completed applications to: For application please click here.  

**Please note that the playground is closed thru November due to construction. Picnic rentals are still available as the field is open. 

Available picnic rental times:


Group Picnic Area Rental includes:

  • Three reserved picnic tables
  • Two BBQs
  • Three umbrellas
  • Located outside Tot Pool near playground facilities (50 people max.)
  • Additional Options: Bounce House rental
Group Picnic Area


Parkside Picnic Area Rental includes:

  • Two reserved picnic tables
  • One BBQ
  • Located adjacent to creek under trees, left of playground (20 people max.)
Parkside Picnic Area