Guards-in-Training (GIT)

Guards-in-Training (GIT)

GIT – Guards in Training

In Marinwood’s GIT program, participants have a unique opportunity to become pseudo-staff members of the Marinwood Pool, hanging out in their own exclusive pool-side GIT “Shack,” learning about the facility and programs, assisting the lifeguard staff with weekly practice-emergencies, participating in some of the Lifeguard Staff weekly training sessions, and getting to shadow a real lifeguard during recreation swim—quizzing them on their skills and knowledge, learning the basics of guarding the pool, and getting to witness firsthand the enforcement of rules and possibly even a real rescue or first aid scenario. 

When not working alongside the Marinwood pool staff, the GITs can be found learning and practicing lifeguard and CPR skills, enjoying free swim time, playing games, barbecuing every Friday, and frequently just creating chaos at the Marinwood Pool.

In addition to all the fun and amusement the program promises, GITs also receive a thorough and exciting introduction to the American Red Cross Lifeguarding program, a major head start for anyone thinking about working as a lifeguard or swim instructor when they turn 15.  Each week will highlight different skills and feature different activities and games, so attending multiple sessions is highly encouraged.  Sign up today!

Age:  12.5-14 (Entering 8th-9th grade)

GIT Hours:  Monday–Friday, 9:15am–2:15pm

$244/session, except Session #1 – no camp Monday 7/5 - $222

Session 1: 6/28-7/9 (No Camp 7/5) - $222 Register HERE 
Session 2: 7/12-7/23 - $244 Register HERE 
Session 3: 7/26-8/6 - $244 Register HERE 

A brief orientation will be held in June, date/time TBA.