Message from the Fire Department

Marinwood Community Services District

Message from the Fire Department


Each year, Open Space Districts and Marin’s Fire Agencies perform a variety of tasks to reduce the possibility of wildfire on the county’s wild lands. Despite best efforts, it is simply not possible to entirely eliminate the threat that fire, starting on private property or on public open space, presents. 

To help protect your home, the Marinwood Community Services District (CSD) and County Service Area 13 (CSA-13 Upper Lucas Valley), in cooperation with the Marin County Fire Chiefs Association, invites and encourages you to mow grass, limb up trees, remove dead and dying tree limbs, and thin out bushes on District lands thirty to one hundred feet of your property.  As part of a new program, no permits are required, and a Ranger or fire department representative need not meet you on site. This program is intended to make it easier for homeowners to conduct clearance on these properties.  If you have any questions please contact the Marinwood Fire Department at 415-479-0122.

Please follow the guidelines below to ensure your clearance work does not start a fire.

•Confirm the property you want to mow is owned by either the Marin County Open Space District, the Marinwood CSD including Lucas Valley Estates, or CSA-13, and is not the property of your neighbor or another agency. Information on lot lines and property ownership is available at the County Assessor-Recorder's Office (415-499-7215, and the County Community Development Agency (499-6269,

•Mow grass and small brush, limb up trees and removes dead and dying debris. To cut brush or trees on Marinwood CSD open space, call 415-479-0122, and for CSA 13 open space, call 415-472-3202.

•Never mow under high fire hazard RED FLAG conditions; call 415-499-7191 for current conditions.

•In the heat of summer, mow during early morning or evening hours when it is cooler and less likely a fire could be started.  Use extra caution with power mowers or other spark-producing tools.

•Keep a 5 pound “ABC” fire extinguisher AND a fully charged garden hose at the work site while mowing or other work is taking place.

•Fire hazard concerns on properties other than your own or the Districts’ jurisdiction can be brought to the attention of the Marinwood Fire Department.

•Do not use metal mowing heads on power scythes (weed whippers) as they can spark from contact with rocks.

•Make sure spark arrestors are in place and functioning.

•Do not lay hot power tools in dry grass where hot metals may ignite flammable vegetation.

•Re-fuel tools on paved surfaces or cleared areas and away from vegetation.  Store gasoline away from site.

•If possible, have someone spot you (keep a close watch) while you are working to watch for problems.

•Watch for hikers and other users; cease work until they are clear from the work area.

•Information is available on-line for both the Open Space District ( and for the Marinwood CSD (  For fire protection guidelines contact the Marinwood Fire Department (415-479-0122), or check the internet at or