Marinwood Community Services District


Our mission is to partner with our community to proactively reduce risk from fire, illness, injury and other hazards.

Fire districts were originally conceived to respond to and control fires. This role has expanded over time to include considerably more diverse types of emergency response services including care of the sick and injured, rescue from dangerous conditions, control of utility hazards and hazardous materials releases. However, once an emergency has occurred, harm has already occurred and likely will increase without intervention. The best way to mitigate the risk of harm is to prevent the emergency.

In 2018, our long-standing Shared Services Agreement with the City of San Rafael was amended to provide Marinwood with Chief Officer Services from San Rafael. This mutually beneficial endeavor had been in development for some time and was supported by both communities and departments as we strive to provide the best public fire services available.  


Fire Department non-emergency phone number (415) 479-0122

In the event of emergency, please call 911.