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Marinwood Swim Academy - Swim Lessons

Private Lessons I Group Lessons

The Marinwood Swim Academy - A swim lesson program that actually works!
Ages 3+

The Marinwood Swim Academy is not your average swim lesson program. Our instructors are dedicated to connecting with your child on a personal level—customizing each class to make the learning experience exciting and worthwhile. Our instructors understand that learning how to swim is not a sport, a hobby, or just one of many summer activities to choose from; swimming is a life skill. The Marinwood Swim Academy will ensure that your child learns this valuable life skill in a fun and memorable way. 

Interested in adult lessons? It's never too later to learn to swim. Contact John Paul Kessler at to set up your lesson. 

  • Must be 3 years or older to participate in swim lessons.
  • All group and private lessons are open to individuals with special needs.
  • Please note that during summer camp, camp staff will escort campers to lessons that take place between 10:45am-2:00pm and 3:30-5:00pm, if enrolled in After Care. Parents are responsible for escorting campers to swim lessons scheduled at 2:30 or 3:00pm (drop off and pickup). 

Private Lessons

Private lessons are great for anyone looking for individualized instruction and fast track swimming success. Private lessons are available for ages 3+, all levels! 

Semi-Private Lessons:
Semi-Private lessons are available for two swimmers who have the same or similar swimming alibities. To enroll in a semi-private, please enroll your first child online; second child may be added over the phone. Please call Marinwood office 415-479-0775 to register the second child and pay the remaining balance.

Spring/Summer Weekend Private Lessons:
Lessons are 25 minutes
Saturday or Sunday: 12:00-12:25pm, 12:30-12:55pm

Pricing (Weekend Single Lessons)

Pool Member:
Sat. and/or Sun. Lessons
Private: $32/ Semi-Private: $40 ($20/child)

Summer Weekday Privates (5 Lesson Block)
Lessons are 25 minutes

Time Slots:
Lessons run every half hour, last time slot is 4:30pm.

Mon-Fri Block*
Pool Member:
Private: $160 / Semi-Private**: $200 ($100/child)
Private: $180 / Semi-Private**: $225 ($112.50/child)

*If a weekday session is full, Marinwood encourages you to register for the INTEREST LIST: Private Swim Lesson. This is the private swim lesson interest list. As new spots open up for this week of lessons, we will email everyone on this list and announce the timeslot that has become available. If you are interested, you can visit our registration site, search for “private swim lesson” and add the open lesson to your cart (if still available). Available spots will go to whoever adds them to their cart first.

**To register for a semi-private swim lesson, enroll the first child in the lesson. Then, before the lesson date, call the Community Center to add the additional child and pay the additional fee. The two enrollees must have similar swimming ability.

Session 1: June 17-21
Session 2: June 24-28
Session 3: July 1-3 (Mon-Wed)
Session 4: July 8-12
Session 5: July 15-19
Session 6: July 22-26
Session 7: July 29- August 2
Session 8: August 5-9
Session 9: August 12-16

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Group Lessons

Group swim lessons offer swimmers the chance to learn from our instructors with the support and encouragment of their peers. For our lower levels, we utilize our Jr. Lifegurds as swim buddies so that each child recives individual attention the whole lesson.

How to enroll for multiple sessions?

Review level descriptions below and select the most appropriate level for your child. Enroll in that level for all sessions. Marinwood staff will adjust levels as needed throughout the summer for your child.

Monday -Thursday, 30 minutes

Time Slots:

Summer Session Dates:
Session 1: June 17-20
Session 2: June 24-27
Session 3: July 1-3 (Mon-Wed)
Session 4: July 8-11
Session 5: July 15-18
Session 6: July 22-25
Session 7: July 29- August 1
Session 8: August 5-8
Session 9: August 12-15

2024 Fees:
Pool Member: $72/session
Non-Member: $90/session

Group Lesson Levels:

Level 1 – Guppy
Required Skills:  No swimming experience needed, just familiarity with being in the water. 
Week at a glance: Swimmers will spend the week playing games with the instructors, gaining comfort putting their face in the water and floating on their own. 

Level 2 – Sea Horse
Required Skills: Comfortable floating unassissted with face in the water for 5 seconds. 
Week at a glance: A focus on the fundamentals, including kicks and arm circles unassisted on their front and back. 

Level 3 – Otter
Required Skills: Freestyle 10 feet and backstroke 5 feet.
Week at a glance: An attempt at proficiency in the water. Swimmers learn side breath, tread water and the foundations of diving. 

Level 4 – Stingray
Required Skills: Freestyle with side breathing 15 feet, backstroke 15 feet, comfortable jumping into the pool and swimming back to the wall unassisted.  
Week at a glance: Swimmers will refine the fundamentals and put together the components of butterfly and breaststroke. 

Level 5 – Shark
Required Skills: Mastery in freestyle, side breathing and backstroke. Proficiency in breastroke and butterfly. 
Week at a glance: A taste of swim team. Simmers will work on flip turns, break out dives and long distance swimming.

Parent Tot Lessons
Parent/Guardian participation in the water is required. This class is an introduction to the water through song, games, and basic swimming skills in a fun filled class. Approved swim liners are required for children. Liners are available for $12 at the pool.
Ages 6 months-3 years)
Days & Time:  M-Th, 11:20-11:50am
Sessions 4 & 8

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Special Needs Lessons
All Group, Private, and Parent-Tot Lessons are open to individuals with special needs.  The Marinwood Pool is equipped with a hydraulic lift for individuals who need assistance entering and exiting the pool.  Please contact or 415-479-0775 if you or your child have special needs that require individual attention.  Marinwood will try to reasonably accommodate special needs requests.