CPR/First Aid Classes

CPR/First Aid Classes

Marinwood offers CPR and First Aid classes to the public on a monthly basis, as well as custom CPR and/or First Aid classes by request. All of our CPR and First Aid classes are official American Red Cross classes, taught by certified American Red Cross instructors.

Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED

This is our most popular CPR class, as it includes all the components generally required when certification is a condition of employment (as is the case with many day cares, gyms, schools, nursing homes, foster care programs, etc.) Participants who successfully complete this course will receive a 2-year certification in American Red Cross "Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED."


Available Class Dates:

Wednesday, 3/23
Thursday, 4/28
Wednesday, 5/18

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CPR/AED for Professional Rescuers, Healthcare Providers, or Lifeguards:  (15yrs & up); 3-4 hours; scheduled by request

This more advanced CPR class is for individuals who work professionally in Health & Safety. This is the level of CPR required for American Red Cross certified LIFEGUARDS. This class can also be taken for re-certification. Custom classes can sometimes be arranged, depending on classroom and instructor availability.  To request a cutom class email John Paul Kessler at jpkessler@marinwood.org

Marinwood's Custom Classes

If Marinwood's regularly scheduled CPR & First Aid classes do not meet your specific certification needs or fit into your schedule, you can request a custom class. Custom classes may be scheduled 7 days a week, morning, afternoon, or evening, depending on instructor and room availability. Our custom classes can be taught at our location or we can come to you. We try our best to meet all custom class requests. Prices and class length depend on the number of participants (lower prices for larger groups!), the components taught, and how far the instructor travels. To request a custom CPR and/or First Aid class, please contact John Paul Kessler at jpkessler@marinwood.org