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The boundaries of Marinwood Community Services District (CSD) include various developments, including Marinwood, Lucas Valley, Casa Marinwood, Roundtree, Miller Creek Gardens, Miller Creek Ranch, Lucas Valley Estates and Las Gallinas Ranch.

There is a fire station, a community center building (available for rentals), a swimming pool (on a daily-fee or membership-fee basis), five tennis courts, children's playgrounds, picnic tables, and a separate large-group picnic area. The CSD open-space areas on the northern and western boundaries are open to hikers.

The CSD derives revenue from several sources:

  • a portion of your property taxes
  • special taxes paid by property owners for fire protection, street lights, and park maintenance
  • State park grant funds
  • fees received from swimming pool use, rental fees for the community building, and fees for a number of recreation programs

Marinwood Community Services District
775 Miller Creek Road
San Rafael, CA 94903-1323
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